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Here at Aimee’s Way, Amy is your personal body and skin care expert who will develop an individual Pilates program for you; lead you in a small Yoga class; or pamper your skin with simply the best products and high tech tools around. In Silicon Valley where stress and multitasking are ways of life, wouldn’t you like a place where all the focus is on you and your well-being in a calm, peaceful environment?

There are no other services offered, it is all by appointment only and you always work with Amy herself. So, you really can be the center of attention and leave Silicon Valley outside while you allow yourself to be spoiled…

See What They’re Saying

Aimee’s Way Skin Care is awesome! From the moment you walk in Amy’s door, your given 100% attention to what’s best for your skin. You can trust her advise and knowledge about the skin care products she carries cause she uses them herself and her skin always looks beautiful!

— Harla N.

Aimee’s Way is a cozy spa / clinic / studio. I came today for a massage / facial / lymphatic drainage. Not only did I fall asleep three-quarters-of-the-super-relaxing-way-through, apparently I also snored. Nice — and further proof of the delight of this unpretentious gem tucked into the trees.

— Naomi E.


Introducing the Aimee’s Way Frequent Facial Club (FFC)

Here at Aimee’s Way, our clients are on a journey to be ten years younger.  The Frequent Facial Club is the first step in your journey and it is more than just skin care… MUCH MORE…

We don’t want you to “go it alone” on your path to looking and feeling younger, the club is a group of wellness-minded individuals who will support you as you make the changes you want in your life.  Small changes now will yield big results over time.

We want you to have fun, feel beautiful, and move with ease. We see life as aging gracefully and feeling younger along the way and we want to help you get there.


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